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Henry Saves Hanna
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Partial Cast of Characters

Henry saves Hanna - Partial cast of characters.


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About The Author

Irene Starlone Published Author

Irene W. Starlone was born in South Carolina but was brought up most of her life in Louisiana. She currently lives in Gonzales, Louisiana with her husband of twelve years and their two daughters, Eliza Katherine and Madelyn Natalia. She is an avid reader and writer and has been fascinated by hummingbirds her whole life. Those three passions came together in Henry Humming.

Mother's Day

Signing books yesterday after Mother’s Day dinner. Y’all have no idea how much the flood of support and love means to me. This is going beyond my wildest dreams and I want you all to know that I appreciate each and every one of you! Xoxo Irene

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Henry's Journey

All Henry's adventures cannot be told here... a quick summary of what you will find inside:

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Henry Humming, feedback from our young readers for Henry saves Hanna.

Henry's readers

Thank you for feedback from all our readers.

We love them all and enjoy having our young reader ideas even as early as reading the first chapter.

  • Hi I just got a call from Maddi. She and her Mom started the book last night. The plan was 1 chapter per night. After chapter 5, Lynette finally turned off the light. Needless to say, they are enjoying the book!!!

    - Maddi
  • Hadley was thrilled with the book! She was delighted that Henry Humming had H's in his name too. Sweet sentiments to grow with Ms. Star, safe travels.

    - Mary Kay
  • Henry Humming is a great book and I love the chapters. Can you make another book with more chapters? I love your book, its awesome and cool and I love love love the birds! I like Humming birds. I like books too. I am so glad that you made this book for our teacher. She read chapter one and it was nice.

    - Makaila
  • The book was so special that I cried my eyes and it was the best long book I ever heard and I really hope nothing happens to it and I hope I don't get water on it. I care about it because it is a good book ever. I had to guard it with my life.

    - Adrian
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I think Hannah is going to try to sneak out of bed to learn to fly. This book is good because I think its going to tell how you doctors or the hummingbird's family members can help take care of Hannah Humming

    - Fan
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, Hannah will make a plan to get out of bed to learn to fly from Henry. The book is very good Mrs. Irene Star, and Henry is a smart bird. But Hannah could get hurt from flying. Hannah is a sweet bird, but when she is a kid she can't get hurt.

    - Eric
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, So far so good. I like the story. I think that Hannah Hummingbird will take all of the vitamins that her doctor prescribed for her and she will go outsdie and learn how to fly with her one wing.

    - Love La'Moia
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I love the chapter 1 of your book. I can't wait to read the rest. I wonder what is Hannah's plan is going to be?

    - Durran
  • I love this book. I think that she is NOT going to take the pills..

    - Hayden
  • Dear Mrs. Irene, I love your book!! No offense, but I like the Dork stories more. What kind of hummingbirds are they?

    - Baliegh
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, First thing is I think Hannah Humming plan is when the dad and the mom are gone she is going to fly with Henry Humming. Second is I think the book is good because it is a good story..

    - Sincerely Gabriella
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I really loved the first chapter it was awesome. I think Hannah's plan will be to carve something that looks like her sleeping and taking her pills so she can go with Henry so he can teach her how to fly.

    - Jaslene
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I think Hannah's Plan might be to ask her brother to help her not be sick. Hannah might stay sick forever or she might have a cold that made her sick. I like the story a lot the first chapter was awesome it was great. I like that book a lot..

    - Diamond
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I loved the story because humming birds are cool and I like it when they sing. I loved chapter 1 was amazing..

    - Devin
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I liked it because it is about a hummingbird being born and the egg hatched and I liked it because this girl had a plan. Another was that the hummingbird name is Henry and it's mom and dad came in time to see the baby hatch. Another is that she had a tree house in her backyard..

    - Tyree
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, Hey, I love your book so much and the way you wrote it in your own words. It made me smile and it is a very good story.

    - Ry'Jae
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I loved chapter one, and I can't wait to read the second chapter because I love this book already. Thank you for making this book because you did an amazing job. And I think Hannah is going to take all the pills like the doctor said to. And that after she rests that maybe she will be able to fly because she took the pills. Thank you, I love the book..

    - Karleigh
  • Dear Mrs. Irene, I love your book about the hummingbird, it was the best, was so good.

    - Carman
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I love chapter one and I hope you make chapter two. I think Hannah's plan is that she will not take the pills and she will go outside and try to fly. I think the dizziness is very bad for Hannah, I look forward to chapter two.

    - Noel
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I think Hannah the hummingbird plan will be is she will ask her brother Henry humming bird to teach her how to fly with only one wing. And Mrs. Irene Star your book was so awesome.

    - Destiny
  • The 1 chapter was good. I think Hannah may try to fly when they are asleep. I love this book..

    - Trowns
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, I liked your book and I am very curious about Hannah's plan. But I'm gonna take a guess and say that Hannah's plan is to do the opposite of what the doctor said. I really enjoyed chapter 1 and I can't wait to read chapter 2. I think you are a awesome author. You have made a really terrific book, and someday I hope I can meet such an amazing author.

    - Sincerely, Rani
  • Dear Mrs. Irene, The book is really good and I hope you still like it.

    - Charles
  • Dear Mrs. Irene Star, Hannah has this idea to glue a fake wing on her feathers. And then she is going to screaming and then she is to start crying because it fell off. And her life is ruined.
    * Thank you Madyson, please know, Hanna has a happy ending! Irene *

    - Madyson

The End